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School Library Services 

from School’s Library Experts

We are a phoenix company rising from the ashes of Walsall Schools Library Service. We feel that children deserve access to resources that will, in partnership with Schools and Teachers, help improve their life chances by narrowing the gap that deprivation and gender can open up. Good literacy skills can be the key to this.


If you are asking yourself how you can support your pupils through their school journey, without Walsall SLSS, then look no further. Read For Your Life is a company that will support your needs around the curriculum in providing access to knowledge and expertise that will allow pupils to escape through reading, enabling them to develop their own ideas, personalities, confidence and empathy for others.


Because we know that you are time-poor, we can tailor packages to your individual needs. Value for money is a guarantee, especially when you may need to provide extra help for those children that attract pupil premium funding.


We are launching now because it’s not only the start of the new term but also a new way of working and we would like to offer our assistance. If you would like to join a mailing list to receive updates and news please sign up, via email. 


For more information on the services listed below, please do not hesitate to give us a ring or drop us an email

    •    Book Clubs

    •    School Library Maintenance

    •    Poetry Workshops                   

    •    Greenaway Award Shadowing      

    •    Read for Pleasure sessions

    •    Story sessions for KS1 or KS2   

    •    Loan a Librarian service

    •    Promoting Summer Reading Challenges

    •    Inter school quizzes

    •    Information Skills

    •    Staff training 

    •    Book lists/significant author details

    •    Stock audits leading to stock buying with

         budget and curriculum targets in mind

    •    Training for pupil librarians

    •    Support with  Junior Librarian

The more we practise something the better we become at it. Reading for pleasure and understanding provides this practice as well as developing wellbeing and expanding knowledge.

Contact us:     Tel:  01922-254045

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